This article was written by Jody  Sadler and published in the Winter 2013/2014 edition of "The Reflector". At the time, Jody was the new Touring Inspection Chair for the A.C.C.C.C.


Annual Touring Inspections

Each Spring, this event should be on every region's Calendar of Events. Look for it. I'm certain the majority of the membership attend these events to have their vehicles checked over. Who knows, you may even broaden your knowledge of your paricular vehicle's mechanical well-being and also enjoy the fellowship with members of your club who you may not know that well.

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Details about the significance of this event, the role of the National Touring Inspection Co-Ordinator and role of his/her regional counterpart is explained below.



Annual Touring Inspection Activity


This event is a Club self-monitoring program to ensure that all members' vehicles are maintained in proper running order to reduce the possibility of an unfortunate event happening that could cause personal injury or an injury that could result in a death.

This event is also a key to ensuring that all members maintain their vehicles in a state of good repair. It also promotes the Club image of stressing the imortance of maintaining a safe vehicle for their owners to further enjoy the hobby with the feeling that their unit is safe.

RESULTS (anticipated)

This annual event would alert the owners of a potential situation that could cause an unforseen breakdown or failure that could cause a personal injury.

It could also alert/stimulate the owners to make those "I am going to fix that" to indeed make the repair of adjustment, most often prior to their Region's annual Touring Inspection event.


To foster the co-operation of each Region of the ACCCC to host these annual events.

To further promote that this Touring Inspection is by no means a replacement of the Provincial Safety Inspections as required by the Province.

To further allay the fears of the membership at large that the Club is telling each member how to maintain their vehicles.

To co-ordinate with each Region's Touring Inspection chairperson and ensure that copies of the Touring Inspection forms for each vehicle undergoing the inspection are mintained and kept up to date. This would facilitate the gathering of these files from the Regions, should there be a need to demonstrate to the Provincial authorities that the ACCCC has a procedure in place to ensure the mechanical safety of their members' vehicles.

It is anticipated that the actions of the ACCCC will deter provincial authorities from subjecting members' antique and classic vehicles to their prescribed inspections.


Each region's Touring Inspection Co-Ordinator should ensure there is a sufficient supply of window stickers and 2-part inspection forms. Following each event, a report of the number of vehicles participating in the event, the number that failed their initial inspection and the most common reason(s) for not passing that inspection is required. 

Should you require additional Touring Inspection forms and/or window Safety Stickers, please contact Al Neufeld.