Greetings from Kingston & Area !

Executive for 2018

President: Lynn Myers

Vice President: Anne Huizenga

Treasurer: Donna Wheeler

Secretary: Peter Scott

Membership: Carol Osborne

Editor: Al Robinson

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The Upper Canada Region - Antique And Classic Car Club of Canada endorses the restoration and preservation of various examples of the older automobiles and trucks, and associated memorabilia.

We encourage enthusiasts of antique cars and trucks, and those who enjoy the classic and modified automobile and truck models that were manufactured twenty years ago and earlier, to join with us as a new member.

The restoration, preservation, and exhibition of antique and classic older model vehicles has become one the worlds fastest growing hobbies enjoyed by all genders and all age groups!

The purpose of the club is to further the interest in and knowledge of historic, antique and classic vehicles and associated materials, and to encourage the ownership, restoration and preservation of such vehicles and associated materials by club members. Ownership of an antique or classic vehicle is not a prerequisite for membership within the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada.

Our Activities

Warm weather events encourage members to get their vehicles, restored or not, out of the garage, on the road and participating with similar interested vehicle owners in an enjoyable atmosphere. Road tours, which take place several times per year are usually well attended. These events and the occasional car show give the viewing public a chance to enjoy seeing the vehicles again and make for a trip down memory lane remembering, and possibly seeing, the first cars they ever owned. 

 2018 Odessa Car Show and Flea Market

This year's event takes place on Saturday June 23rd and Sunday June 24th at the Fair Grounds in Odessa, ON.


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