Why Join the A.C.C.C.C.?  Here are 15 of many marvelous reasons!

1) Established in 1956 and currently comprised of 13 regions with approximately 650 members throughout the province of Ontario, we are recognized under the laws of Ontario as a non- profit historical society.


2) We Recognize Vehicles 20 years old or older, in original or restored to original condition, or in the process of being fully or partially restored.


3) Membership is open to anyone interested in the purpose of the club and who recognizes, understands and accepts its philosophy. Membership dues include spouse or significant other. Ownership of a club recognized vehicle is not a prerequisite for membership.


4) Each Region conducts its own affairs, determines its own events calendar and co-ordinates with other Region and National Club events. There are many opportunities to enjoy the antique car hobby in a variety of ways.


5) Touring Inspections to encourage vehicle safety and reliability are conducted annually by each region to alert owners of potential mechanical problems.


6) “Tour To Yesteryear” is our week long annual summer tour hosted by a different region each year. Anywhere from 50 to 100 vehicles take part.


7) The Vintage Touring Group promotes touring with 1942 and earlier vehicles.


8) Extended Long-Distance Tours are organized every few years by members. Recent destinations include the Finger Lakes Region of NY, PEI, Newfoundland and Winnipeg.


9) Specialty Vehicle Association of Ontario (SVAO) of which the club is a member represents our interests in the hobby when dealing with the government. Member discounts are available.


10) Vehicle Appraisals are available to those interested at a low preferred rate from our list of club appraisers.


11))"The Reflector" is printed in full colour three times per year. We also publish a membership and vehicle roster annually. And we have a club store for promotional spirit wear. In addition, each region publishes a newsletter informing members of local events. 


12) Our Website: www.acccc.ca is continually being improved to make it more useful to members


13) Networking and Socializing. You might join this club because of your interest in vintage cars but you’ll stay because of the people and the fun you have touring with fellow enthusiasts.  We have an un-matched talent pool of expertise to tap into.


14) Cdn$50. per year buys all this fun.